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India PPF Calculator

One of the best long term debt investments available in India is the good old Public Provident Fund (PPF). PPF offers tax benefit during investment, interest accrual and maturity (Tax exempt at all stages). PPF also offers assured return backed by soverign gurantee. Loan and early withdrawal facility are available although it is not recommended to touch the investment. There is a lot of information available on the net about the benefits of PPF.

There are a lot of PPF calculators available that calculate the latest balance and maturity amount. But many of them are not flexible to cover all scenarios. For example you could invest in PPF on any day during the financial year but the interest is calculated for the month only when the amount is deposited between 1st and 5th of the month.

Here is an attempt to create a comprehensive PPF calculator that takes care of all the scenarios. The only extension I need to add to the calculator is that PPF can be extended after the maturity date in blocks of 5 years. But I hope this calculator will still be useful for everyone. If you need the password to change the calculator, do let me know.

Update : This calculator is updated with the new PPF rule from the Govt. of India raising the investment limit to 1,00,000.


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