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The Sandra Bullock Trade – Relationship between money and happiness

The relationship between money, personal relationships and happiness is at the center of our society. The story of Sandra Bullock is a recent example. As our income starts growing the marginal gain in happiness from money tends to decrese. It … Continue reading

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Personal animosity in business – good, bad and the ugly

Economist has an excellent article on the personal animosity in Silicon Valley and how it is shaping the technology industry. The article brings up the point that the people with outsized commercial acumen and success tend to have outsize personalities. … Continue reading

Yes, Looks Do Matter

Our tendency to form instant perceptions can get us wrong sometimes. Susan Boyle will become a great case study about how we form perceptions in a flash and then try to disregard any exceptions to the mental image until they … Continue reading

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15 website to sharpen business skills

15 Websites to Sharpen Your Business Skills lists the top 15 websites that focus exclusively on Business and management. I will add Redherring to this list although it focuses on Technology entrepreneurship. 1. BNET2. Harvard Business Blog3. Get Rich Slowly4. … Continue reading

How to tie a Tie

Check this site out on the different ways to bind a neck tie. You can practice Double and Single Knots, English, Italian, Oriental, Turkish and all the different Tie knots possible.

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Email Etiquette

Microsoft Office Online: 12 tips for better e-mail etiquette Important tips to keep our email communication effective. I find these very useful.

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Best 10 quotes in the world

Have a great year ahead. This is the first blog item for the year. Winston Churchill wrote, “Broadly speaking, the short words are the best, and the old words best of all.” The best 10 quotes in the world and … Continue reading

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80-20 rule to book reading

Do-it-yourself Laptop : Choose the best processor, HDD and RAM that suits your needs and just follow the instructions here. One can make a personalized Laptop with easy maintenance and upgrades. If you have more spare time have fun building … Continue reading

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Pygmalion Effect – How we decide what truth is

I found a good note on Pygmalion effect. The article brings about a common behavior among us but with strange antecedents. We pick up cues every day from the environment and set our expectations based on those cues. Over a … Continue reading

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